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1 page personal opinion essay on science/technology, like cloning etc.

Science continues to provide us with information and answers to questions that have stumped humans for thousands of years. Sometimes we learn things at such a rapid pace that many people don’t feel like we’re ready to handle the information. Also, there are serious ethical considerations to be made relating to genetics and cloning.

So then, where does it stop? Aren’t there too many people now? Why do we save them? In 1950 there weren’t even 3 billion people on the planet, now there are close to 7.5 billion.

If “created” DNA can reproduce/evolve, then what keeps it from being considered alive?

I don’t have a computer chip in me, but I do have two metal plates. It doesn’t seem like we’re too far away from more than that. There are pacemakers that are essentially machines that can be implanted in the heart and give information via Bluetooth to devices. They keep people alive. You wouldn’t want one of those if you needed one? One recipient of those pacemakers just ran a marathon. Should he have been allowed to die? If not, isn’t this better than having to have it attached to his side as a larger device that has a higher potential for infection? These are all questions we struggle with as humans.

Soon you will be reading Frankenstein which deals with some of these issues. What are the implications of this new information? Should we proceed in this field of study? Are the experiments or results in line with your morals?

Questions for consideration:

  • Do you think that there are things that scientists have not considered when they make advancements like this?
  • What kinds of considerations do you think still need to be made?
  • Are you concerned with the ethics involved?
  • Is this kind of science okay or not? Why or why not?
  • Are these good ideas? Why or why not?
  • Would you allow yourself to be implanted with a computer chip? Why or why not?
  • Are there areas of research related to this that you would like to see more advancement? What might that mean to mankind?

Consider all of the questions above and craft a written response that incorporates your ideas into a single essay.

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