1 page discussion board.

Discussion Board 1

Please make sure to discuss ethical and moral issues in a scholarly manner. For this discussion, please reflect on a clinical situation you have witnessed or experienced which may have bothered you in terms of morality and/or ethical behavior. Description: Please describe the general situation (no facility or patient names please) and identify at least one ethical principle that you believe was violated or jeopardized. Reflection: What emotion surfaces in this situation, and what value is connected to that emotion? How were you able to cope with this in a meaningful manner, and if you were unable to cope with it in a meaningful manner, share how you would be able to cope in the future? MORAL: How would you apply the MORAL model as discussed in the module to the experience? Make sure to be specific in applying the ethical principles or theory that are relevant to your experience. There should be evidence that you completed the reading and video included in this module. In other words, this discussion is about applying the content of the course to your own experience.

For Discussion Board #1 Use the following template that shows the correct APA use of Level 1 and 2 headings (points will be deducted for incorrect use of headings):








Look Back

Additional Guidance: Under Description of the situation, be especially careful not to spend too many words on this section. Three sentences should be enough to give a summary of the situation. You will also be spending more time talking about the situation when you get to the MORAL section.

When you do your Reflection, be sure to include feelings, values, ethical principles, and coping. When doing the MORAL section, you will summarize key aspects of how you applied or would apply the MORAL decision making process.

Don’t forget to support your analysis with References (and in-text citations). For full credit you must have 2 references with your main post. Please include headings, citations, references at the end of your post Grammar counts – see the rubric.

Must provide references using APA style. Please use the following rubric: DB Rubric.1_2_3.NUR3826 (1).docx

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