Short Essay Assignment 6 600 words

Many people think that life is about being happy, and people often think that happiness is a feeling (i.e. an emotion). To be happy is to feel happy and joyous. Consider the following case:

You are offered to enter into the Happy Pod. What is the Happy Pod? It is a coffin-like pod where you enter and lie down. Wires will be hooked up to your brain and all of your body (and it will be painless). The wires are hooked up to a super computer. While you are in the Happy Pod, you will be put to sleep. The super-computer will simulate a false reality that appears just like this one. However, it will be different from reality: the simulated life will be happier – a life of some challenge, but no tragedies. You will be given a small dose of opiates intermittently to make you feel very good. This simulated life is guaranteed to be one where you will always be feeling happy, excited, and joyous. You won’t feel pain, depression, etc. You won’t have to experience the loss of a loved-one or the ravages of old age. In this simulated environment, you will always feel awesome and never feel like something is missing. In fact, you won’t know that you’re in a simulated environment: you’ll think it’s all real, and that you’re just really lucky and blessed. You will always feel happy and joyous, and never feel empty or even bored!

The catch? Once you enter, you can never leave: once you are made to fall asleep upon first entering, you will never wake up. You will be stuck there until you die decades later. Moreover, you will never see your family and friends in real life. You will have no knowledge of what is happening to them in reality. You will never really accomplish anything.

If happiness is just an emotion or feeling, and if happiness is the goal for everyone, then we all should enter the Happy Pod. If you don’t think we should enter the Happy Pod, then you must think that happiness is not merely an emotion.

Short Essay Assignment

ALL question total is 600 word

Answer the following short essay questions:

  1. What do you think true happiness is? Be sure you always argue for your position and explain them clearly.
  2. Would you enter the Happy Pod? Why or why not? Remember, if happiness is just an emotion and the Happy Pod can stimulate that emotion in you, then you’ll need to think hard on why you shouldn’t just go into the Pod!

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