Corporate Social Responsibility

research based analysis report over a Program Specific Case Study.

The parameters are as follows:

Here-you will find a Case Study labeled “Case Study Analysis # 1”

  • You will provide a case study analysis report.
  • It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references).
  • It must include a separate title page.
  • It must include a separate reference page.
    • It must include a minimum of eight scholarly or professional citations written within the last five years.
    • At least four of the eight references must originate from peer-reviewed journals.
    • Use of the Southwestern College Deets Library is required.
  • APA format is required for the case study analysis report.


Collins, P. (2010). CSR and Ethical Issues in Operations Management. Global

Partnership Management Journal, 1(1/2), 55–64. Retrieved from…

Discussion Points/Questions:

(Question #/ Outcome # Covered) 1/2,3; 2/2,6,7: 3/2,3,6,7; 4 /2,6,7; 5 /1,2,3,4,7

1.Define the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Discuss how this definition has changed in recent years. Briefly discuss why it is important to operations management.

2.Give three ways unethical behaviors can manifest themselves within the production process and supply chain. How do these behaviors create an ethical dimension for the operations manager with regards to decision making?

3.Define the concepts of “cradle to cradle” and “cradle to grave” in production. Compare and contrast these two production mindsets. Give an example of how “cradle to cradle” might be applied in your line of work.

4.Define and discuss some of the ethical decisions that an operations manager must take into consideration when selecting suppliers and how those decisions affect the company both internally and externally.

5.Explain and discuss how an operations manager can model and exemplify effective leadership in addressing the new challenges associated with CSR proactively.

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