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Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences in response to each part. Please use at least one source. Please cite the reference(s) properly. Part 1 and 2 can be on the same page, however, please keep them separate by labeling them Part 1 and Part 2. No Title Page 


One of my closest relatives previously worked at Apple.  The core values of this organization include inclusion and diversity, justice initiative and racial equality, education, supplier responsibility, privacy, and accessibility. When recruiting, the organization observes these core values. The recruitment process is essential in every organization since it enables employers to identify competent, skilled, qualified, committed, and qualified individuals (Dev, 2021). The positions discussed include data scientist, product manager, and developer.

The recruitment process for data scientists involves three parts phone screener, telephone screener, and onsite- loop. In the phone screener, the applicant speaks with the recruiter who asks questions. The candidate can expect to discuss their CV, work experience, why they want to work with the company, and their projects. The telephone screener is the technical part of the interview and includes assessing candidates’ skills and measuring their understanding of the concept of machine learning and data science (Springboard, 2020). The last part is an onsite loop and consists of around five interviews with Apple product managers, data scientists, and hiring managers.

After applying for product managers, the next step involves a phone interview with the recruiter. If the candidate has passed the first interview next step is face timing with a team leader. This helps to measure candidates’ technical abilities and cultural fit in the organization. The last step is a panel interview with various leaders of the company. A candidate seeking a developer position must undergo the application process, phone interview, assessment test, and final interview (Dev, 2021). The main recruitment process used by Apple company is applications, phone interviews, assessment tests, and final interview. The pros of using this recruiting process from the organization’s perspective are that it gives recruiters time to select the most competent and qualified candidates. The cons are the process is time-consuming.


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 The three jobs I will discuss are ones at my current organization. I work for a non-profit community healthcare system in Southwest Florida. 

Patient Service Representative
The Patient Service Representative (PSR) is a supportive role that assists patients in scheduling their appointments, communicating their needs to the physicians and clinical staff. It is the first point of contact that they see. Our organization uses partnerships with large job posting sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn. The candidate considers the posting, clicks on the link that takes them to our organization’s website, creates an account, and applies. They then wait for HR to pre-screen them, and if they are viable, their application is sent to a hiring manager.
This process has proved to be cumbersome for applicants as this has become an employee market. They want to have easy access to apply and immediate interviews. Indeed, it has this capability. However, our organization has not paid for it, causing a decrease in applicants who will apply the easiest way possible. The benefit of job posting sites is our postings’ visibility with many potential employees using them. Another positive of Indeed, according to Edwards (n.d.) is, “the power of Indeed lies in the aggregated database. In theory, it’s supposed to streamline the job search process by eliminating the need to visit dozens of different sites.” These sites charge a premium for convenient hiring tactics, and not everyone uses them. For us, it has decreased the applicant pool significantly. 

Practice Manager
The Practice Manager is a position that I used to have before becoming a Director of Operations. This position is responsible for the office’s day-to-day operations, recruiting, training, evaluating the staff, and supporting the providers. The education requirement is a bachelor’s degree plus two years of experience in this role. The positions are recruited using the same format as the PSR. However, it is often a word-of-mouth referral that helps obtain recruits. I was recommended to this position by one of my physicians at the previous hospital before joining my organization in 2016.
The benefit of word-of-mouth recruitment is that the employee has a solid positive reputation before the interview. Their work history can be vetted out by the person who refers. Using a job posting platform is more challenging because the applicant is unknown. However, the pros are that there is a larger pool of applicants. 

The Psychiatrist position has been very challenging to fill. In our organization, we need three but only have one. Their role is to see patients on the inpatient unit and the floors of both campuses. For one person, it is a lot of work. We have the job posted in multiple medical magazines across the nation and locally. The best way for this recruitment is word of mouth.
The challenge we face is that during Covid, so many Psychiatrists became virtual visit connoisseurs. They accept cash-only and see patients virtually from the comfort of their homes. The inpatient psychiatrists are reaching retirement age, with very few to backfill. Harrar (n.d.) states, “sixty percent of psychiatrists are over age 55, making them one of the oldest (and closest to retirement) of all medical specialties.” The pros of recruiting using these methods are that we reach a national population, but the cons are that regardless of what way is used, the shortage exists. 


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